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14 Fall Soup Recipes Everyone Will Love [Healthy + Delicious]


Nothing is better than a hot, delicious bowl of soup, especially on a cold night! It warms the soul and body from the inside out. These are 17 fall soup recipes that I know you’re going to love—all tested and approved by my family. 

Soup is also a great solution for entertaining. You can make soups in your slow cooker, let the wonderful smells fill up your house, and have a wonderful no-fuss meal at the end of the day. Or you can make soup in advance and serve up a warm lunch for your house guests.

Not only are these fall soup recipes slurp-worthy, but they’re also nutrition-packed too!

“Soup is a lot like a family. Each ingredient enhances the others; each batch has its own characteristics, and it needs time to simmer to reach full flavor.”- Marge Kennedy

The Added Benefits To Making Fall Soup

Eating broth-based soups can help you eat fewer calories at a meal.Broth-based, vegetarian or soups with lean protein can help aid weight loss. Broth-based soups have a lot of water and relatively few calories per portion. By increasing the water content of your foods and decreasing the fat content, you lower your food’s energy density so you can eat more of it without it impacting your waistline.Soups are easy to make with healthy, fresh, and low-fat ingredients. Increase your intake of veggies by adding some additional fresh or frozen veggies.Soups are perfect for experimenting or adding your personal touches.

Low-Cal Southwestern Chicken Soup

This Southwestern chicken soup recipe is low-cal, easy to make, and a great way to sneak vegetables and fiber into your diet. This soup is in heavy rotation in my household. I often double the batch and make it for a party because it’s such a crowd-pleaser. Or, I stick the extra in the freezer.

Slow Cooker Chicken Wild Rice Soup

My family loves chicken wild rice soup, like true Minnesotans! This creamy midwestern classic usually is loaded with fat but our friend from Ambitious Kitchen took this family favorite and lightened it up. One serving of her recipe has only 300 calories and 20 grams of protein!  Gotta love that! Also, it’s made in a slow cooker

Tuscan Tomato Soup

This is a creamy, rich, and hearty vegetarian soup that the entire family will enjoy. Inspired by a Barefoot Contessa recipe for creamy tomato soup that I “lightened up” and put my own twist on. I use whole vegetables and garbanzo beans will provide fiber and satisfy your hunger. I typically serve this soup with

Healthy White Chicken Chili (Easy Stove Top Recipe)

I love a rich and creamy bowl of white chicken chili. Unfortunately, most recipes include cream, butter, and tons of cheese as the base. That’s why I came up with this easy and healthy version of white chicken chili that is full of tasty goodness and has none of the calories! Every bite in this healthy

Hearty Lentil and Swiss Chard Soup

This soup is loaded with veggies and legumes to make it protein-rich and nutritional, using a flavorful concoction of thyme, rosemary, and cumin to bring out a rich flavor. It’s the perfect segue soup from summer into fall because it’s great for both seasons!

Creamy Sausage and Kale Soup

This creamy sausage and kale soup is dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo. Loaded with kale, carrots, and chunks of spicy sausage, it is a hearty meal in a bowl. This creamy broth is made with coconut milk but does not have a coconut flavor at all, just a rich, creamy broth packed with nutrition.

Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

If you’re looking for a creamy and hearty soup recipe this fall, look no further than our healthy roasted sweet potato soup. This soup is meatless, low calorie, dairy-free, and gluten-free too. We’re sure it will become a family favorite for cold nights. Our team loves almond milk, so of course, we had

Maple Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Apple isn’t a typical soup ingredient I use, but when paired with squash (one of my all-time favorites), it works wonderfully! In this soup recipe, apples, carrots, and onions are sauteed with a bit of cinnamon. Then, butternut squash is roasted in the oven to bring out its natural sweetness. Delicious!

Chunky and Hearty White Bean Soup

This chunky and hearty white bean soup is rich, super flavorful, and filling. A great dinner option for a cold night, this soup is rich in complex carbs, and full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is also high in protein thanks to nutritional powerhouses known as navy beans. The soup is vegetarian, and can easily be made ahead or

Comforting and Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

This all-time classic chicken noodle soup recipe is healthy, and comforting, and the best part is the slow cooker does all the work! Warm up with a bowl of this healthy slow cooker chicken noodle soup after a long day at work. With a few minutes of prep work, you can come home to a

Golden Turmeric Chickpea Chicken Soup

If you’re looking for a new, go-to healthy winter soup, look no further. This tasty, healing winter recipe for Golden Turmeric Chickpea Chicken Soup is healthy, packed with protein, and FULL of flavor! You can easily make this recipe vegetarian by subbing in an extra can of chickpeas in place of the chicken, and

Detox Vegetable Soup [Simple and Easy]

If you are trying to eat clean, this delicious, low-fat detox soup is the perfect recipe for you! Plus, it’s really a beautiful soup due to all the colorful vegetables. The vitamin-rich, fiber-filled, low-sugar detox vegetable soup recipe is vegetarian, but if you’re looking for additional protein, you can easily add a can of garbanzo.

Hamburger Soup

There are a lot of names for hamburger soup—Bachelor soup, hangover soup, ground beef vegetable soup- to name a few. But whatever you call it in your house, this is one of my favorite recipes to make with ground beef. Hamburger soup is healthy, easy, and cost-effective to make. This recipe will be a

Cabbage Roll Soup

This healthy recipe for cabbage roll soup is out of this world! Traditional cabbage rolls are a delicious polish hotdish that has comfort food written all over them! I make cabbage rolls for my husband on special occasions because they are time-consuming dinners to make. Making them from scratch plus stuffing the cabbage,

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