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55 Healthy and Easy Snacks


The key to eating a healthy diet is preparation, which includes being ready to combat that daily snack attack!

To keep you from going crazy with calories even when the saltiest of cravings hit, my team and I rounded up our favorite healthy snack recipes that are super easy to throw together.

Get ready to have your mind blown with these 55 healthy and easy snacks!

1) Sea Salt Avocado

When you need an afternoon pick-me-up or post-workout snack, look no further! This easy snack is an awesome source of monounsaturated fat and is great for conquering salt cravings. If you’re looking for a healthy snack with a little more substance try mixing it with salsa and spreading it on ezekiel toast.


½ avocadoA pinch of sea salt


Slice avocado in half and sprinkle with sea salt.

2) Baby Dills

Crunch, salty, and delicious! Who doesn’t love a little dill? The twist-off-the-jar-and-eat snack is a probiotic which is great for digestive health.


4 baby dill pickles

3) KIND Bar

The perfect snack for the airplane! I love KIND Bars because I can read the ingredients on the label, they’re GMO and trans-fat-free, and they don’t melt in my gym bag.

4) Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Remember the days of creamsicles off the ice cream truck? This is the guilt-free, protein-packed version!


1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk1/2 cup OJ1 scoop BiPro Vanilla protein powder 1 cup ice


Add all ingredients to a smoothie maker or blender and blend 1-2 minutes.

5)  Pickle Roll-Ups

A lightened-up version of the classic “pickle dog” you know from potluck’s past.


2 medium dill pickles2 slices nitrate-free ham1 tbsp. cream cheese


Spread ½ tbsp. cream cheese on each piece of ham, place pickles on ham and roll them up.

6) Hard-Boiled Eggs

Protein power to go! I make a dozen hard-boiled eggs every week, and they always get eaten. Such a great snack to keep you from getting “hangry” — hungry/angry!


6 hard-boiled eggs


Place 6 eggs in a pot of water and bring to a boil, cover, and turn off the heat.Let sit covered for 10 minutes, then run under cold water to chill.Peel and sprinkle with salt and pepper if you like.The serving size is 2 hard-boiled eggs.

7) Carrots and Hummus

I make this hummus recipe every few days for my family to dip and dig into. It is SO simple, and the parsley gives it such a fresh taste versus the store-bought stuff.


1-15oz can garbanzo beans – drained and rinsed½ cup tahini4 tbsp. olive oil1 tsp minced garlic or 2 garlic cloves½ tsp. sea salt½ tsp. cumin1 tsp. of parsley (I prefer fresh)Juice of 2 lemonsPaprika for garnish


In a mini food processor, add all ingredients and blend. Feel free to play with the amount of garlic, salt, parsley, and cumin to work with your taste buds. Scoop into a serving bowl and garnish with a sprinkle of paprika. Serve with cut-up veggies of your choice.The serving size is 2 tbsp. of hummus plus veggie dippers. My favorite is baby carrots!

8) Skinny Elvis Smoothie

We’re swapping Elvis’ beloved bacon for chocolate protein powder, but the outcome is still a winner!


1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk1 scoop chocolate BiPro protein powder½ banana½ tbsp. almond butter1 cup ice


Add all ingredients to a smoothie maker or blender and blend 1-2 minutes.

9) Get On Track Trail Mix

Forget those empty dollars spent on vending machines. Mix together a batch of this and leave a container in your car, in the kitchen, or at the office when you get a hankering. Later, snack attack!


1/4 cup dark chocolate chips1/4 cup cranberries1/2 cup walnuts1/2 cup raw almonds1/2 cup pepitas


Combine all the ingredients and store them in a zip lock bag. The serving size is 1 handful (makes approx 6 servings).

10) Apples and Almond Butter

A simple after-school or after-work snack that tides you over until dinner.


1/2 an apple1 tbsp. almond butter

11) Trader Joe’s Dried Mango Slices

Talk about fast food! These mango slices are delicious and require no prep or refrigeration. Find at your nearest Trader Joe’s!

1 serving size

12) Dark Chocolate Squares

It’s good for you, go ahead! Full of antioxidants that fight free radicals, dark chocolate also has a low glycemic index so it won’t cause a big spike in your blood sugar.

1 oz. dark chocolate (70% or more cacao)

13) Freytag Family Guacamole Recipe

Guac is full of healthy fats that satisfy hunger! My favorite scoopers are red pepper slices and cucumbers.


2 avocados, peeled1/2 of jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced1/4 red onion chopped2 heaping tbsp. minced cilantro1/2 tsp. sea salt1/4- 1/2 of a lime, juiced (add to your liking)

Optional Ingredients:

Minced garlicDiced tomatoes for garnish


 In a bowl, add all ingredients.Using a potato masher, blend all the ingredients together to the consistency you like. Some like it chunky, others like it smooth. Feel free to play with the amount of salt, lime, and garlic to work with your taste buds.Scoop into a serving dish and serve with cut-up fresh veggies.The serving size is 2 tbsp. guacamole.

14) Taste Of The Tropics Smoothie

This tastes like a tropical dessert in drink form. Delicious!


1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk½ banana½ cup frozen mango½ cup frozen pineapple1 scoop BiPro vanilla protein powder1 cup ice


Add all ingredients to a smoothie maker or blender and blend 1-2 minutes.

15) Caprese Salad

A salad can be a snack, too.  A dang good snack at that!


2 oz. skim buffalo mozzarella, sliced1 small tomato4 leaves basil, mincedDrizzle with 1 tsp. balsamic and 1 tsp. extra virgin olive oilSprinkle of sea salt


Slice tomato into 3 pieces and top with sliced buffalo mozzarella and basil.Drizzle with EVOO and balsamic vinegar.Sprinkle with sea salt to taste.

16) Buzznanas

The perfect thing when you need something a little sweet.


½ a banana1 tsp. honeySprinkle cinnamon on top


Cut a ½ a banana in large chunks.Drizzle with 1 tsp. honey.Sprinkle with cinnamon.

 17) Turkey Jerky

A great snack to keep in the gym bag for a post-workout protein punch! I really like Trader Joe’s Natural Turkey Jerky.

1 serving size

18) Meaty Roll-Ups

Sister to the Pickle Roll-Up, but offers a little kick from brown mustard and crunch from the carrot. Awesome mid-afternoon snack at work!


4 baby carrots2 slices of nitrate-free turkey breast1 tbsp. spicy brown mustard


Spread ½ tbsp. spicy brown mustard on turkey, place carrots and roll them up.

19) Beet Bites

These little guys are so cute and delicious and will soon be your new favorite snack and appetizer for entertaining!


3 baby beets, cut in half (These are Love Beets Organic Mild Vinegar from Whole Foods)2 tbsp. goat cheese2 leaves of fresh basil


Slice baby beets in half.Top with goat cheese and julienned basil.

20) 3 PM Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Perfect for when you need that extra ZIP in your step!


1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk½ cup coffee1 tbsp. vanilla Greek yogurt1 scoop BiPro chocolate protein powder


Add all ingredients to a smoothie maker or blender and blend 1-2 minutes.

21) FAGE Greek Yogurt

A great go-to that is packed with protein and probiotics that help maintain digestive health.

1 individual container of FAGE Greek yogurt. Eat plain or top with a drizzle of honey and fresh fruit!

22) Eggs On Top

This egg salad on a sprouted grain muffin will give you tons of energy and protein. Try it for breakfast, and you will be pleasantly surprised!


Symbol;”>1 hard-boiled eggSymbol;”>2 tsp. natural mayoSymbol;”>¼ tsp. dillSymbol;”>Salt and pepper to taste
Symbol;”>½ Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain English Muffin, toasted


Dice up 1 hard-boiled egg, and add, mayo, dill, and salt and pepper.Place on 1/2 of a toasted Ezekiel English Muffin.

23) Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps

Perfect when you need a little crunch without reaching into a potato chip bag!

1 serving size of Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps, available at Whole Foods

24) Red, White, and Blue Parfait

Packed with antioxidants from the berries, a little crunch from the granola, and a little sweetness from the yogurt, this parfait is a winning combo!


1 cup 0% fat vanilla Greek yogurt½ cup strawberries½ cup of blueberries2 tbsp. granola ( I love Love Grown Oat Clusters)


Layer yogurt, strawberries, yogurt, blueberries, and top with granola.

25) Mary’s Gone Crackers and Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers? I love these crackers because they are made with quinoa, brown rice, and seeds and full of good carbs and plenty of crunchy nutty flavor!


7 Mary’s Gone Crackers Crackers, available in most grocery stores2 oz. Farmer’s cheese

26) Creamy Cucumber Salad

I lightened up this classic recipe with Greek yogurt versus sour cream to decrease calories and increase protein.


½ cucumber2 tbsp. Chobani plain yogurt1 tbsp. white wine vinegar2 tbsp. white onion, sliced1 tsp. raw sugar1 tsp. dillSalt and pepper to taste


Slice cucumber and onions into thin slices.Mix yogurt sauce in a separate bowl and then top the cucumber and onions with sauce.Ready to eat immediately, but even better after refrigeration for an hour.

There is a reason we ate this in college: delicious and satisfying!


1 whole wheat tortilla2 oz. mozzarella cheese2 tbsp. fresh salsa of your choice


Fill a whole grain tortilla with cheese and salsa.Heat in microwave or grill in a pan until cheese is melted.

28) Trader Joe’s Frozen Mangoes

A little taste of the tropics all year round. Sweet and delicious! Find at your local Trader Joe’s.

Serving size 1 cup

A fluffy hot omelet in just 2 minutes! This is a super simple snack or breakfast and is a great way to fit in extra veggies.


Extra-virgin olive oil2 eggs1 tsp. feta cheese4 cherry tomatoes, cut in half3 tbsp. spinach, minced1 tsp. fresh basil (optional but delicious)Salt and pepper to taste


Coat the inside of your mug lightly with olive oil.Crack and scramble both eggs in the mug, add other ingredients, and gently mix.Microwave 1.5-2 minutes (time varies depending on your microwave, but 2 minutes is perfect in mine)Add salt and pepper and enjoy!!!

30) Green Energy Smoothie

Don’t fear going green! It looks a little scary but is sweet and refreshing. Plus, you will definitely feel energized from all these vitamins and minerals.


1 cup frozen kale (I prefer frozen to fresh in smoothies)1 cup frozen mango1 cup almond milk1 scoop unflavored protein powder


Add all ingredients to a smoothie maker or blender and blend 1-2 minutes.

A little salty and a little sweet…you can’t go wrong! Plus, dates are rich in fiber and great for digestion.


3 large pitted dates1 tbsp. almond butter1 tbsp. unsweetened shredded coconut


 Fill the dates with almond butter and roll the end into shredded coconut.

 32) Salty Edamame

One cup of edamame has 17 grams of protein. Whoa!


1 cup Organic Edamame (cooked using brand directions)Topped with a sprinkle of sea salt

33) Grape Tomatoes with Dip

Many studies have found that tomatoes can reduce the risk of some cancers, and when combined with a little fat like Greek yogurt, your body is able to absorb lycopene more effectively.


½ cup cherry tomatoes3 tbsp. plain Greek yogurt2 shakes of sea salt2 shakes garlic powder½ tsp. ground Italian seasoning1 tbsp. balsamic vinaigrette


Mix the sour cream with seasonings and balsamic vinaigrette.Start dipping!

34) Healthy Kettle Corn

Skip the microwave popcorn and make this sweet and crunchy snack instead. Hello, movie night!


2 tbsp. canola oil2/3 cup popcorn kernels3 tbsp. sugarSea salt or fine popcorn salt to taste


Place oil in a stirring popcorn maker, old-fashioned cranked popcorn maker, or heavy pot over medium-high heat.Once the oil is hot, add popcorn kernels and sprinkle with sugar.Cook until all kernels are popped. If using a stirring popcorn maker: simply cover with a bowl and let pop. If using a cranked popcorn maker: crank continuously as the popcorn pops. If using a heavy pot: cover and shake the pot constantly as the popcorn pops.Add salt to taste and serve immediately. The serving size is 1 cup.

35) Chip and Dip

I love these baked lentil chips with this Guacamole Spicy Edamame Dip from Trader Joe’s. This combo is the bomb and a little spicy!


1 serving size of Mediterranean Snacks Baked Lentil Chips (I got my bag at a Super Target!)1 serving size of Trader Joe’s Guacamole Spicy Edamame Dip

36) Protein Pancake

Yes, there is such a thing as a healthy pancake. And no need for breakfast to be the only time of the day to eat it!


1 mashed banana1 egg beaten½ tsp. apple pie spice1 tbsp. 100% natural maple syrupNatural non-cook spray or coconut oil


Mix mashed banana (very, very mashed), 1 egg, and apple pie spice.Spray a pan with natural non-stick spray or 1 melt 1 tsp. coconut oil and pour the mixture into pan.Cook 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown.Top with maple syrup and a sprinkle of apple pie spice.

37) Angie’s Popcorn BOOMCHICKAPOP

Have a snack attack? Grab a serving of Angie’s Popcorn BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Popcorn. Salty, sweet, sinful, and only 35 calories per cup!

1 serving of Angie’s Popcorn BOOMCHICKAPOP Sea Salt Popcorn, available in most grocery stores.

 38) Green Pepper Boats

An easy snack that you can cut up and prep ahead of time for snack attacks!


½ green pepper, sliced1 ½ tbsp. goat cheese1 tsp. dillSalt and pepper to taste


Clean, seed, and cut 1/2 green pepper into 4 pieces.Mix cream cheese, dill, salt, and pepper in a bowl.Spread cheese inside the green pepper evenly, then enjoy!

39) Cajun Kale Chips

Need a little something salty and crunchy? These kale chips with a Cajun twist are the bomb!


1 head of dinosaur kale, washed2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil½ tsp. sea salt½ tsp. cayenne pepper or Cajun seasoning


Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.Cut the thick stem portion of the kale off and tear or cut kale into large bite-size pieces and place in a large mixing bowl.Add in 2 tbsp. olive oil, 1/2 tsp. sea salt, and 1 tsp. Cajun seasoning or cayenne pepper.Bake kale for 10 minutes per side and flip to bake on both sides.Let cool then enjoy!The serving size is 15 kale chips.

40) Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A snack that is healthy and romantic? Ooo la la!


1 oz. dark chocolate (70% or more cacao)5 fresh strawberries with stems


Heat 1 oz. dark chocolate with 70% in the microwave, stirring every 10 seconds to make sure it doesn’t burn.Dip 5 fresh strawberries with stems into the chocolate and refrigerate until the chocolate shell hardens.

41) White Bean Dip and Veggies

Pair fresh red pepper slices with this delicious fiber-filled dip!


1 (15-ounce) can Cannellini beans, drained and rinsed1/4 cup fresh parsley2 cloves of garlic, peeled2 tbsp. lemon juice1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil2 tbsp. water1/8 tsp. ground red pepperSalt and pepper to taste


Place all ingredients into a food processor or blender.Pulse or blend until almost entirely smooth, about 1-2 minutes. Garlic cloves should be very finely chopped.Season with salt and pepper to taste.Serve with red pepper, celery sticks or baked pita chips for dipping.

42) Trader Joe’s Dried Banana Chips

Yum! I eat these right out of the bag to satisfy my sweet tooth! Find it at your local Trader Joe’s.

1 serving size

43) Yogurt Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are such a nutritionally dense super food. Just 1 ounce has 11 grams of fiber, 4.4 grams of protein, and 18 percent of the fiber you need in a day. Plus, this pudding is delish!


1/8 cup or 1 oz. chia seeds1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt1/2 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk1 tbsp. 100% pure maple syrup1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extractA pinch of Kosher salt10 blueberries


Mix yogurt, almond milk, syrup, vanilla, and salt in a bowl.Stir in chia seeds and let sit for 10 minutes, stir again. Cover and refrigerate overnight.Stir again in the morning and add fresh berries on top!The recipe makes 2 servings.

44) Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies

Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies are amazing! With only 130 calories, these potassium-filled treats make a great snack or dessert. I buy mine at Whole Foods, but I think they are available in most grocery stores.

The serving size is 1 chocolate covered banana

45) Spiced Walnuts

I make these in a big batch and then use them on salads, trail mix, or just a snack. WARNING…they are addictive!


3 cups walnuts1 tbsp. olive oil½ tsp. cayenne pepper¼ tsp. cinnamon2 tbsp. brown sugar


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.Combine all the ingredients then spread onto a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10 minutes stirring at 5 minutes.The serving size is 1/4 cup.

 46) Nutter Butter Toast

I always think of Elvis Presley when I make this one! This is a great pre-workout or post-workout snack with protein and healthy carbs.


1 slice Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, toasted½ sliced banana1 tbsp. almond butterDrizzle 1/2 tsp. of honey

47) Frozen Grapes

Did you know that you can freeze grapes? They seriously are the best sweet and low-calorie snacks to stay cool on a hot day.

serving size is 1 cup

48) Power Cup

Cottage cheese is a protein powerhouse! Just top with fruit for the perfect post-workout snack.


½ cup 2% cottage cheese½ nectarine chopped

 49) Go Raw Spirulina Super Chips

Gluten-free, GMO-free, and 100 percent organic. What’s not to love about these Go Raw Coconut Crisps! This is one of my favorite crunchy snacks to replace reaching into a bag of high-fat potato chips! I grab my bag at Whole Foods.

1 serving size

50) Margarita Melon

This sounds crazy, but the combo is amazingly refreshing!


½ a watermelonJuice of ½ a lime2 tsp. sea salt


Slice watermelon into chunks or wedges.Squeeze the lime juice onto the watermelon and sprinkle with sea salt.

51) Ants On A Log

A classic that needs no explanation. There is a reason your mom made you these.


2 large pieces of celery cut in half2 tbsp. almond butter12 raisins

52) Seaweed Snackers

These Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks are jam-packed with nutrients, omega 3’s, and fiber. I like them plain, but they also come in flavors like wasabi.

1 serving size

53) Berries with Coconut Whipped Cream

You will be amazed at how creamy and delicious this dairy-free whipped cream turns out. Coconut milk also has antifungal benefits!


1 can full-fat organic coconut milk without guar gum, refrigerated for 24 hours½ tsp. vanilla extract½ tbsp. organic sugar1 tsp. shredded coconut1 cup fresh or frozen mixed berries


The coconut milk must be refrigerated. Flip the can upside down and open it with a can-opener (milk separates from the solid, you use the solid and discard the liquid or use it in smoothies.)Combine the solid from the coconut milk with the other ingredients and whip it with an electric beater.Dollop fresh coconut whip cream on 1 cup of fresh or thawed frozen mixed berries. (Trader Joe’s has an awesome frozen mixed berries combo!)The serving size is 1 tbsp. of coconut whipped cream on 1 cup of berries

54) Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Who needs french fries when you have these? Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in more veggies for the kiddos!


1 sweet potato, peeled and sliced into thin pieces 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice¼ tsp. salt¼ tsp. black pepper


Heat oven to 375 degrees.Mix potatoes with olive oil and seasonings.Bake at 11 minutes per side.The serving size is 10 potato chips.

55) Bowl O’ Blue Berries

Blueberries have a high amount of antioxidants and are also known to boost immunity. So, if you feel a cold coming on, grab a cup!


1 cup fresh blueberries

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