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Ben Greenfield’s Top 20 Tweets Of 2022 (So Far)


I suppose there’s no time like the present to do a Top Tweets post, especially considering the big news about Elon Musk buying out the little blue bird for a measly $44 billion dollars.

I like to occasionally share these “Top Tweets” posts because I never cease to stumble upon something valuable I’ve meant to come back to that I’ve long forgotten about, or—more pertinent to you—some bit of health, nutrition, lifestyle, longevity or spiritual information I think you might benefit from, should you have missed it the first time around (or just simply because you’re one of the insane (or sane?) people that doesn’t have a Twitter account in the first place).

Despite the never-ending controversy surrounding Twitter, I still dig the platform as a convenient way to follow specific topics and people in sectors I’m particularly interested in, and also to concisely share my own thoughts about research articles and the latest health, fitness, nutrition, spiritual, longevity, financial, and biohacking news.

In other words, my Twitter feed is basically a digital reflection of whatever might be going through my head at any given moment—from the latest research on peptides to “hot takes” on different diets, potent antioxidant stacks, the best hangover cures, and randomly tossing out the idea to sell my home in the backwoods of Spokane, Washington to the highest bidder.

So here are my top tweets of 2022 so far, and here’s my Twitter account if you’d like to follow me to see what I come up with next.

Peptides interact selectively and quite specifically with their designated cell receptors to affect a specific biological response💥.

So there’s theoretically no end to what peptides can do when used therapeutically. I can attest to the fast-acting benefits of peptides⚡️.

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) January 4, 2022

Just be sure to wear your mask if it’s a public TV…

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) January 7, 2022

Anybody else out there use a weighted blanket? Here’s the latest study on weighted /gravity blankets helping with insomnia👉🏼:

Here’s the one I use – it circulates cold water through the blanket👉🏼!

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) January 11, 2022

This guy definitely has an eating disorder: (just like that Jack Dorsey guy who fasts regularly).

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) January 14, 2022

Sure a vegan diet is less acidic than a meat diet, but it appears to not alter health outcomes at all, from an acid-alkaline standpoint. Click here for more on this👉🏼:

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) January 16, 2022

Aren’t you glad that Australia is now that much safer? I was wondering when they’d ban this kook from spattering viral spittle all over the hardcourts. Must maintain public safety, after all.

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) January 16, 2022

The association between handgrip strength and anti-aging/longevity strikes again…do your pullups, deadlifts, dead hangs and grip strength, folks. Click here for the latest research on this:

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) January 29, 2022

Who knows the names of the two guys I’m interviewing right now? 😉

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) February 9, 2022

Odd question for my astrology friends out there: been a very “clumsy” morning for me, and also for my sons. Random things dropped, accidents, objects falling, etc. Anything particular happening from a planetary standpoint right now that might be relevant?

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) February 10, 2022

Let’s just say I were toying around with idea of selling a 5000 square foot home with a 1500 square foot guesthouse, poolhouse, garden, greenhouse and barn on 10 acres in Spokane, WA. And I were to toss in half a million dollars worth of biohacks in as a bonus…make me an offer.

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) February 18, 2022

Also, fully EMF free, hardwired ethernet, pristine water/well system, HEPA air central filter, hot/cold plunges and miles of hiking and nature surrounding it – basically a biohacker’s palace. 🙂

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) February 18, 2022

“Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.”

What say you?⚡️(hint: the majority of scientific evidence suggests front-loading calories to the earlier part of the day for both weight loss and reduced heart disease risk)

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) March 10, 2022

Probably going to sell my Spokane, Washington biohacking home on 9 acres or turn it into a health/adventure retreat center…

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) March 18, 2022

Via @slowwco – It’s estimated that 108,000,000,000+ humans have ever lived on Earth. You are 1. It’s also estimated that recorded human history dates back ~5,400 years. Average lifespan is ~80 years. So you are 1 human with 1% of history. What will YOU do with your 1%?

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) March 20, 2022

Besides *rice paper* and *nori seaweed wraps*, what are your favorite grain-free tortilla/wrap alternatives that are ~20 calories or less per wrap?

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) March 29, 2022

I almost never recommend doing only cardiovascular training, as eventually, it tends to do more harm than good🏃🏽‍♂️.

👉🏼Instead, cardio is best paired with a healthy balance of resistance training to maintain muscle mass, healthy hormones, drive, metabolism, bone mass, and more.

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) March 30, 2022

Here’s the only antioxidant stack that DOES seem to work quite well from an anti-aging standpoint👉🏼:

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) April 2, 2022

I accidentally soaked what I thought were chia seeds (they were poppy seeds)😬. I realized my mistake, tossed the seeds, and drank the water. I felt GREAT.

I basically made homemade liquid morphine👀. Studies here👉🏼: and here👉🏼:

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) April 11, 2022

👏🏼Best. Hangover. Cure. Ever.

Click here:

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) April 13, 2022

Does weed make you “dumb”👀? In this prospective cohort study, long-term cannabis use was associated with a decline in intelligence quotient and reduced hippocampal volume in midlife👉🏼:

— Ben Greenfield (@bengreenfield) April 28, 2022


So, there you have it! 

What do you think? Are you surprised at which tweets of mine made the top? Is there any more of a specific subject you’d like to see more on my Twitter feed?

What’s your current opinion on Twitter and Elon Musk buying out the app? And who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

Drop your Twitter @ in the comments below, I read them all. 

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