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Get ready! The 200 Ab Challenge starts NOW!


Hey guys!

I know this is kinda last minute, but last week I asked if you wanted a summer challenge annnnd the consensus was a resounding YES! Actually, I knew you’d probably be all for it (DUH) but I needed your enthusiasm to get my wheels turning!

What did I come up with?

🔥 The 200 Ab Challenge 🔥

Over the next 20 days, we’re gonna work on ab strength and leaning out the entire body. You ready?!

The 200 Ab Challenge is simple… but not easy.

Okay. The challenge is simple!! We’re doing 200 reps every day: 100 reps of an ab move AND 100 reps of a cardio move. Why did I throw cardio in the mix? Because you need strength and cardio to lose fat and see those ab muscles you’re working on.

We’re doing this for 20 days, starting tomorrow!

OOOH but trust me when I say you’re gonna learn verrrry quickly that simple does not equal easy! This IS a challenge, remember! We’re gonna feel this one. You might even dislike your past self for being so enthusiastic about a new challenge… but only temporarily.

Here’s where to find the #200AbChallenge workouts!

Everything you need to know is in the graphic above, but if you wanna make this even more fun you can follow along with videos! You can find all of them in the BODY By Blogilates app, and they’re free!!

Just go into the app and the challenge will be waiting for you on the homepage. SO EASY! The videos are all right there for you and the app tracks your progress. Oh, and you get the added satisfaction of a “workout complete” badge every time you complete a video!

Make sure you share your “workout complete” pic and tag me @blogilates every day! That always boosts my motivation!

Let’s crush this challenge together!!! We get started MONDAY! 

Precepts: Heart Yes, Speak It & Be A Rebel.

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