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Running For Beginners | Your Complete Guide To Get Started


Running isn’t usually loved at first sight. That’s why I have this running-for-beginners guide to help get you started on the right foot. If you want to become a runner, it’s important to keep in mind that running is more of a slow love that has to grow on you, but once you catch the running bug, it’s hard to shake!

Most people who love running say some version of “When I first started running, I couldn’t do it for more than two minutes. I was out of breath. My body hurt, my lungs hurt, and I thought: This isn’t fun. But I am so happy I stuck with it because now I can run for miles, and I can’t imagine my life without running.”

Set Your Running Expectations

Don’t use how hard or how easy it is when you are on your first run as a gauge of whether or not you should become a runner. Just know right now, as you read this, that starting isn’t easy.

You have to get your body conditioned to running before you get to a place where jogging becomes enjoyable. So you definitely don’t want to judge yourself or running your first time out.

If you can only run for two minutes when you first start jogging, that’s totally okay. Run for two, walk for ten minutes, and repeat.

Build on those numbers, running more and walking less. If you commit time to running a few times a week, you will be amazed at how quickly your body adapts, and you make progress.

While starting out can be kind of uncomfortable, you are going to love it when your body turns a corner and you realize you just jogged for 15 minutes without stopping. And, get this: It’s wasn’t that bad.

You are going to tell everyone you know. Your excitement at doing something you didn’t think you could do will start to take hold, and you will feel on top of the world. Soon you will set out to run longer than 15 minutes. And this is how your love of running takes hold.

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Get Started With Running

Start flat: Conditioning your body to run is challenging enough without adding hills right off the bat. Stack the odds in your favor and jog on flat surfaces when you are just starting.
Start with Short Intervals: A new runner will feel like they are maxing out all their energy when they go for their first few runs. Intervals will help you recover and keep going.
Start with quick intervals like run 1 minute and walking for 2 minutes or running for 3 minutes and walking for 1 minute. Choose whatever interval feels doable and keeps you moving! Eventually, you’ll be able to increase your running time and decrease your walking time as you get more comfortable.  

Coach to 5k popular program has turned many couch potatoes into runners. Get your own day-by-day training schedule you can follow and be ready to rock your first 5k in nine weeks.

Download the couch to 5k app, which can provide you with a schedule to build up your stamina and your miles. Signing up for your first 5k race is exciting. Registering for a race several weeks in the future can motivate you to run today.

Benefits Of Running

Your first 5k is a great accountability partner, too, as you see that date marked on your calendar. Get psyched to meet new people and catch the race day energy and buzz.

Part of why runners love to run or jog is because you don’t need any equipment, you don’t have to get to a group class at a certain time, and you don’t need a membership. You don’t have to buy hand weights or master choreography.

You lace up those running shoes, put on that sports bra and dash out your front door. (Well, maybe put on some other running attire too, but you get my gist.) It’s a relationship for you, your running shoes and your playlist.

With a little bravery, you can run in all sorts of weather too.  Don’t forget to notice how nice it is to be able to get in a heart-pumping workout by just leaving your house.

If you have always wanted to run, but you lack the oomph to start, here’s a motivational list for you on the benefits of running:

Get a great cardiovascular workout that torches calories and makes you sweat.
Alleviate stress, boost mental clarity and improve your mood.
Eventually you can experience runner’s high ( endorphins that result from the right amount of challenge to your body)
Hold on to those youthful looks – fights the aging process and prevents muscle and bone loss caused by aging
Helps improve your health by fighting disease and reducing your risk for heart attacks. Also helps with good cholesterol while lowering your blood pressure. Oh, and it boosts your immunity too.
Gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

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Buy The Right Running Shoes

Even first time runners should get the right shoes to protect your body, optimize your experience and motivate you to lace up. Spare no expense on the right running shoes. They should last you quite a while (around 300-400 miles) and they can help prevent injury.

Go to a specialty running store where store personnel will watch you jog on a treadmill and advise you on the right running shoes for the individual way you run (whether your feet pronate or supinate). Plus, won’t you be more motivated to jog if you have your favorite florescent pair calling to you?

Running Expert Training Tips

I’ve been a runner for years, and these will help you enjoy running and stay injury free.

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