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The  Superhero Workouts That Will Encourage You To Hit The Gym


In the past two decades, we’ve got used to seeing demigod-like physiques in Marvel in DC films. The terms superhero and fitness became inseparable and celebrity workouts and diets have become an integral part of the superhero definition and much talked about in the press.

Actors like Chris Hemsworth keep giving fans a glimpse of what his hardcode workout routine looks like, making his fitness posts go viral and inspiring fans around the world to hit the gym. It is safe to say that Marvel and DC actors make working out more trendy than ever, with millions aspiring to look like their favourite action stars and searching for superhero workouts.

That’s why the sports nutrition brand Bulk was inspired to investigate this growing trend and collate a report on what superhero workouts people are searching for the most on Google, TikTok and YouTube.

According to Google Keyword Planner, there was a 400% increase in searches for Natalie Portman’s workout plan when Thor: Love and Thunder was released in July. With the release of DC’s Black Adam, The Rock’s workout routine went up 53% in the last 3 months while the searches for Superman workout went up 240% when it was revealed Henry Cavill returned as the Man of Steel on the big screen.

Bulk’s research revealed that the Batman workout (198,330 searches) was the most in-demand superhero workout in 2022, followed by the Thor workout (160,800 searches) and Superman’s exercise regimen (147,950 searches).

Below is the list of the top 10 most searched-for superhero workouts on Google:

Batman – 198,330 searches
Thor – 160,800 searches
Superman – 147,950 searches
Captain America – 119,320 searches
Spiderman – 108,350 searches
Wolverine – 50,170 searches
Black Widow – 32,740 searches
Bane – 30,630 searches
Wonder Woman – 24,510 searches
Deadpool – 17,370 searches

Meanwhile, the most popular workout on YouTube is Thor’s workout with 1,260,000 searches. Superman workout came second with 1,092,000 searches followed by Batman workout with 1,027,000 searches.

As for TikTok, Thor workout is the most popular, scoring an immense 4,600,000 views. The Black Widow workout came second with 1,200,000 views on Tik Tok while the Spiderman workout rounded out the top three most viewed workouts with 699,400 views.

Getting superhero fit is undoubtedly difficult. But it’s an inspiring and empowering journey. To get the most out of these workouts,  you need the right mentality, dedication and a passion for fitness. Exercise, rest, repeat!

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