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The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! 11/12-11/18


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Welcome to Ben Greenfield’s Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield’s discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more!

My Latest Fascinating Discoveries: Cool New Things I’m Trying, Books I’m Reading, And More!

Supercharged Muscle Repair & Athletic Recovery On The Go

Kion Aminos is my fundamental supplement for fitness. I drink them every day for energy, muscle, and recovery.

Nobody starts using this stuff and doesn’t swear by it.

And now this just happened. Aminos travel packs!

Aminos are the absolute Swiss Army knife of supplementation, but even more powerful than those tiny tweezers and toothpicks, they’re essential regardless of your level of activity.

New research shows that EAA supplements rich in the amino acid, leucine, work even better than traditional EAAs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, aid in muscle repair, and support athletic recovery.

Kion Aminos contains 40% leucine, with the remaining EAAs in optimal, scientifically-backed ratios shown to help you grow stronger muscles and recover faster. They have all of the lifeblood power of a massive steak, but they’re plant-based too.

Click here to get your hands on the new Kion Aminos packets (and save $ as well) ;).

For Those Of You Who Have Been Asking Me How To Book My Personal Massage Therapist

The holiday season is just around the corner…

…and what better gift to give a loved one (or yourself) than the gift of healing?

Every two weeks, my massage therapist Donna Mills over to my house for a treatment and, let me tell you, her hands are just magic. A recent podcast guest of mine (listen here), Donna specializes in guiding you into new narratives of wellness that result in profound self-transformation. You do this together with the elements of:

Psyche: narrative and language-focused conversation
Soma: body and energy work, and movement therapy
Spirit: connecting to the cosmic wisdom through knowing your cellular wisdom

Donna’s treatment is meant to be a safe yet profound pivot in your holistic wellness. The work with her requires deep courage, but mostly wonder and curiosity. Together you identify outdated and limiting patterns of past experiences, and work through the associated somatic anchors by releasing energetic and musculoskeletal blocks. In other words, releasing “knots.” This deepens your self-awareness and increases your communicative relationship with your body, your life, and the life around you.

For example, Donna recently healed a very injured toe of mine by way of joint and fascia work, by slowly mobilizing a crepitus joint. At first, the treatment felt like I’d had surgery on my toe (ouch!), but when all was said and done the pain was completely gone. (There’s more about that in her podcast episode, “The Unique, Next-Level Future Of Bodywork, Fascia & Massage Therapy: Ketamine, Sound Therapy, Essential Oils, Trauma Release & Beyond With Donna Mills.”)

So if you’re looking to reap the benefits of the healing arts, I highly recommend Donna Mills, and you can check out her practice here. (Also, if you’d like to book Donna for any sort of event or gig, I have first-hand insider information that she would be down for that! 😉 

My New Parenting Book Is Available To Pre-Order Now

It’s officially done.

That is, I just put the finishing touches on my brand new parenting book – which covers and decodes everything from education to baby nutrition to discipline to legacy to finances to college and much, much more!

It’s called…drumroll please…

Boundless Parenting: Tools, Tactics & Habits of Great Parents.

This book isn’t just written by me and my superstar wife Jessa. Rather, I put together a dream list of amazing and inspirational parents who I admire and asked them to share their best-of-the-best tools, tactics and habits for raising incredible children in this modern world.

Part of my motivation to create this anthology of parenting wisdom was my own wish to know “all the answers” before I became a parent. I would have loved to have had the perfect parenting blueprint. Unfortunately, when Jessa and I were young parents, there was no step-by-step instruction guide that existed for how to raise impactful, happy, and fulfilled young humans – so we, along with most parents, walked into this life-altering journey without a blueprint.

But now it exists. Why try to go on this parenting journey alone and make time-wasting and life-changing mistakes when parents who have come before you can share with you all their insider secrets?

So now Boundless Parenting is here…I couldn’t be more excited, and guess what? Pre-orders are LIVE right now! Head over to to learn more and sign-up for pre-order notifications.

A Quick Little Holiday “By The Way”

I posted my annual holiday gift guide a few weeks ago, and wanted to point it out to you in case you are in the market for a little convenient holiday shopping for your loved ones (or yourself ;). It’s jam-packed with all my favorite biohacking go-tos and really nice deals and discounts that you’re definitely going to enjoy, so don’t miss out! It’s not too late to check out the holiday specials offered by our awesome partners, including Ra Optics, Timeline Nutrition, JoyMode, HigherDOSE, and more.

Click here to check out this year’s holiday gift guide. (And stay tuned for even more deals next week for Black Friday!).

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Pharmakia, Plant Medicines, Addiction, Escapism, Ayahuasca, Shamanism & The Problem With The “Noble” Use of Drugs With Author Robert Orem.

This episode was brought to you by LMNT, Lucy Nicotine Gum (code BEN20), Clearlight Sauna (code BEN), Elements of Vitality Event, Inside Tracker, and BiOptimizers (code BEN10). 

The Official Pickleball Podcast: Everything You Need To Know About How To Train, Eat, Recover, Play & Practice The Fastest Growing Sport In The World, With Tyson McGuffin.

This episode was brought to you by Seed (code BEN15), Dry Farm Wines, Inside Tracker, Levels, Organifi Gold Chocolate, and Ben Greenfield Coaching.

Ben Greenfield’s VIP Text Club: To receive exclusive texts from Ben Greenfield, text the word “FITNESS” to 411247 (within the U.S. only).

Articles I Published This Week:

Precepts: Center, Hamster & Intuit

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

Product Of The Week:

::: Level Up Your Grilling Game With The Ultimate Grill :::

While traditional grilling season might be over, I personally grill year-round…

…and my pick for anything grilling-related is Traeger.

Traeger grills can tackle everything from hamburgers and dogs to slow-smoked brisket and even dessert thanks to their 6-in-1 versatility.

Grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ everything to wood-fired perfection. All you have to do is throw on the food then let the grill do the heavy lifting.

You’ll have the freedom to grill anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone.

Traeger grills feature WiFIRE®️ control allowing you to keep an eye on your dinner from the couch or even across town. No more babysitting your baby backs. Plus, with over 1,500 recipes in the Traeger app you’re bound to find some dinner inspiration.

Click here to get your hands on a Traeger grill. Not only do I swear by these grills, but tons of people on my team also have one and it always comes in handy for cooking just about anything. 

Upcoming Events:

Elements Of Vitality with Dr. John Lieurance, Ben Greenfield & Friends: December 2, 2022, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Dr. John Lieurance & Ben Greenfield offer a rare experience to explore the elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water with unique treatments, technologies, modalities, and biohacks to represent the healing powers of each element individually.

The event will be on December 2nd for a full day of activity exploring the elements and their healing powers. Below you will see a list of our Partners who will be providing experiences with hyperbaric oxygen, PEMF, Red Light therapy, EMF mitigation, CVAC, cryotherapy, breath work, and multiple methods for optimizing hydration and daily biohacks for water. Learn more here.

Keep up on Ben’s LIVE appearances by following!

Kion Product Of The Week: Kion Aminos Featured Flavors

Kion Aminos just added mouth-watering Watermelon and Mango to their already delicious lineup of essential amino acid supplements.

If you aren’t using Kion Aminos yet, it’s time to start.

Check this out: You’ve probably heard that your body is made up of mostly water. What you probably haven’t heard is that everything is 50% amino acids.

These building blocks of life are essential for health and fitness. No matter how you like to move—whatever you do to stay fit—amino acids are essential.

This is why Kion Aminos is my fundamental supplement for fitness.

I drink them every day for energy, muscle, and recovery.

Kion Aminos is backed by over 20 years of clinical research, has the highest quality ingredients, no fillers or junk, undergoes rigorous quality testing, and tastes amazing with natural flavors.

So, if you want to naturally boost energy, build lean muscle, and enhance athletic recovery…you need to get Kion Aminos.

Click here to get your hands on the new, ultra-refreshing Watermelon and Mango Kion Aminos.

Asking A Quick Favor About My New Book Endure: Tools, Tactics & Habits For Spiritual Stamina

I just wanted to quickly thank all of you who ordered a copy of my new book, Endure: Tools, Tactics & Habits for Spiritual Stamina.

This book was written and inspired by my own personal temptations, struggles, and failures, and informed by what I’ve studied and learned along the way.

It’s my deepest wish and prayer that it touches your life and gives you the tools and tactics you need to build your own spiritual stamina, strap on your sword, trust God and experience the peace, love, and joy of His creation.

If Endure does make even the smallest impact on your life, I would love it if you could help me spread the word far and wide, by:

Leaving a review on Amazon
Sharing the book on social media and tagging me (@bengreenfieldfitness)
Buying a copy for your friends and family

Thanks again for all your support!

With gratitude,

Ben Greenfield

P.S. I can also give special discounts for bulk purchases of my books. So, if you would like to use them for a Bible study or a book club, please email [email protected], and my team will get you set up.

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